How can you be so outspoken about God when your wife died?

That presents no conflict for me. In fact, my wife’s passing reinforces my faith. Our years together linger as rich memories. I learned from her. I enjoyed her. I savored that she seemed to enjoy me! As for cancer, she lasted ten years and for most of that time her quality of life was very good. Ten years was double the life expectancy she should of had with her condition. As I see it, God gave us five bonus years and they were good years. I regard that as healing and a gift from God. A skeptic is likely to disagree, but I lived the experience. God was good to her and me.

Keep in mind that the mortality rate among humans is 100%. Everyone dies eventually. God's goodness is now shown only by the ends of our lives and how we spend eternity. God's goodness is demonstrated also when He gives us great life during our mortal years. 


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