Founder of Walk by Faith, Colorado Springs, CO   

This program leads people to develop a daily habit of spiritual growth. It is designed for new believers in the developing world but can be used by anyone. Worldwide distribution begins in late 2014. Produced in cooperation with New Horizons Foundation. See more at WalkByFaith.com


President of Global Mission at David C Cook, Colorado Springs, CO   

Eric  lead expansion of David C Cook’s global ministry. During the final year of his administration (FY ended May 31, 2013) the ministry served 17 million people. See more at GlobalChurch.com

Geneva Global logo

CEO of Geneva Global, Wayne, PA   

In 2000, Eric consulted two billionaire investors in Europe who aspired to do something new and bold in philanthropy. Their instructions were to find the greatest yield, measured in terms of “life change” per dollar spent. When Eric proposed a model, they asked him to become the first CEO of Geneva Global. Geneva became a leading organization for managing international grants on behalf of wealthy Christians and foundations. The professional staff at Geneva supervised grants in about half of the nations in the world.


Co-founder of Givers Trust, Atlanta, GA 

It can be legally difficult for American donors to contribute directly to Third World organizations. Givers Trust provides a legal mechanism that eases the process and provides IRS-recognized tax receipts. Givers Trust was formed as a joint venture between Geneva Global and National Christian Foundation. 

HOPE logo

President of HOPE International, Lancaster, PA   

HOPE grew from the personal passion of Jeff Rutt, a real estate developer who is the only three-time award winner as America’s Best Builder. As HOPE's first president, Thurman helped him launch HOPE in Ukraine, now the largest microcredit program in that nation, and several other countries. Thurman served as a consultant and advisor after leaving his staff position. Each year, the organization highlights a person who exemplifies the impact of the ministry by giving them the Annual Thurman Award.

Opportunity Logo

CEO of Opportunity International, Chicago, IL   

Opportunity established one of the world’s first microenterprise programs in 1971. Thurman was recruited to re-energize the organization 20 years later. He expanded Opportunity’s reach from 17 to 27 countries including initiating many of the first and largest microlending programs in Russia and the Former Soviet Union. Under his leadership, funding rose 500% and measurable program results increased 750%. 


Founder and President of Renaissance Video Corporation Chicago, IL   

Renaissance was a market leader in television and electronic media production. Thurman sold the business in 1992 so he could assume leadership of Opportunity International. Renaissance gave Phil Visher and Mike Nawrocki their starts in television animation. The pair went on to establish the popular children’s series, VeggieTales

Exodus logo

 Exodus World Service  co-founder and first Board Chairman

Exodus World Service has mobilized more than 50,000 volunteers who assisted more than 9,000 refugees establish new lives mostly in the Greater Chicago area.  

Christ Church  co-founder  

Now known as the Vineyard in Evanston, IL, the church was born in Eric and Pennie Thurman’s living room. Eric preached the first service and served as one of four pastors for several years before the Thurmans relocated away from the area.

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