Current Causes

While there are many great causes that capture people's attention, Eric believes that he and his colleagues are connected with several of the very best. 

WBF-icon-lt-&-shaded.pngSpiritual Growth

There's a difference between being a believer in Jesus and someone who is fully alive in Christ. The big word for this is discipleship. Other's call it spiritual maturity. The secret for a robust life of faith is to have the habit of taking a single new step of faith every day. It can be intimidating when you hear of people spending an hour a day in prayer! Such spirituality seems so far out of reach that many people don't attempt even a simple daily routine of relating with God. Walk by Faith is a friendly, doable way of helping people form a daily habit of experiencing God and growing their faith. More at 

Orphans and other Children-at-Risk

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Kids who are suffering deserve to be at the front of the line of people who get help. Children are meant to have the protection of caring adults. Yet, enormous numbers of young girls and boys have to fend for themselves against terrible odds. There are orphans. Others are abandoned or abused and escape their homes just to survive. The number of orphans in the world is about equal to half of the population of the United States. When you add in all the children who are not orphans but still in danger and trying to survive on their own, the number swells much larger. The scale of the pain feels overwhelming. 


There are, of course, many good efforts to help vulnerable children with badly needed food, clean water, clothing, housing and education. All of these interventions are laudable. A terrible void remains, however. As good as those steps are, they do not address the deep emotional and spiritual wounds these kids carry. Too often, only half of a child's needs are being met. Meeting physical needs of children is good, but recent research found that children who are victims of trafficking have PTSDs (Post Traumatic Stress Disorders) more extreme than soldiers suffering from combat memories. And these are young children! What is being done about that? That's where the program that Eric leads at David C Cook comes in. It is a program that equips local Christians in the world's hardest places with the training and know-how to counsel and mentor hurting children. It is ministry to the other half of the child, the half that rarely gets addressed. See examples of all the good that is happening here



The Gospel of Jesus Christ is good news. It brings life and freedom at many levels. As individuals are changed, so are their families and, ultimately, their entire communities. Local churches are eager to share new life through faith in Jesus, but they lack a creative means to start fresh conversations with their neighbors. That's the reason for the Story of Jesus. This colorful booklet stimulates curiosity and prompts positive conversations. In just two years, over 27 million copies are in circulation in 24 languages for 55 countries. You can read about the impact of this program here



Eric headed two top microcredit organizations in the past and, together with a friend, wrote a book that is a popular introduction to the microfinance movement. Done properly, offering financial services to poor people can lift them to self-sufficiency permanently. 

Eric points to HOPE International as an example of microfinance at its best. To honor his part in launching HOPE, the organization gives an annual Thurman Award to the person who, that year, would be a top example of the impact of their programs.  

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