Rules for Self Discovery  (personal spiritual growth)

I am a fan of personal development. Checklists capture my imagination. Both came together in something I found from A.W. Tozer. He spoke and wrote many profound ideas. He was an anointed preacher with the Christian and Missionary Alliance movement who died in 1963. He had little formal schooling, but authored 40 books.

The seven items below are what he called "Rules for Self Discovery." Indeed. They reveal who we really are, what makes us tick. It is a simple, but probing list, an excellent resource for personal reflection.

      1. What we want most;

      2. What we think about most;

      3. How we use our money;

      4. What we do with our leisure time;

      5. The company we enjoy;

      6. Who and what we admire;

      7. What we laugh at.

© Eric Thurman 2015