Who is Eric Thurman? By visiting here you should be able to get a pretty good idea, quickly. Because Eric travels extensively and has spent decades in leadership roles, people often ask how to get to know him. This site lets you explore ways you may connect.

Three words describe his top priorities:

         JESUS - Eric is a man of faith, devoted to knowing Jesus and making Him known.

         SERVICE - Jesus said He came to bring life. See how Eric is part of that. You'll find it in the current section.

         GLOBAL - America is great, but 95% of the world lives outside of the USA. The rest of the world also matters to Eric.

Of course, Eric has other enthusiasms as well. You can read about his family and hobbies in the personal area. Learn about his background by clicking the past tab. Catch up on some of his latest thinking with his blogs. Do you still have other thoughts or questions? Drop Eric a note using the contact link.

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